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Film & Event

Dyneema rope is a popular and proven alternative to steel wire within the film and rigging sector. Our OX40+ 12-strand HMPE has proven to be a popular high strength dolly line, manufactured with pre-dyed Black yarn for ultimate discreetness. We are also proud stockists of Technora rope for locations where heat is an issue.

Black Double Braid
Solid black double braid for stretch tents
£ 152.40 GBP
12-strand HMPE
Price on Request
£ 181.20 GBP
Double Braid Xtra
Polyester core | 24-plait polyester cover
Price on Request
£ 0.00 GBP
OX40 Braid
12-strand HMPE core | Polyester cover
Price on Request
£ 186.00 GBP
Pre-dyed Black 12-strand HMPE
Price on Request
£ 297.60 GBP
OX40 Tech Braid
12-Strand HMPE core | Technora blend cover
Price on Request
£ 0.00 GBP
12-strand Technora®
Price on Request
£ 0.00 GBP