Optimising safety, maximising performance and the longevity of ropes in application should be everyone’s priority. All synthetic fibres have different characteristics that will impact the performance of your rope. It is important to take the following into consideration before making your decision:

Strength characteristics   Elongation and stretch Specific gravity
UV resistance Melting points Chemical resistance

For a thorough overview of the fibres from which the ropes are made please download our comprehensive Fibre Guide.

Product Datasheets

We put all the datasheets of our standard products on our website as well as some market related documents.

Rope Care Advice

Using ropes correctly as well as simple maintenance and inspection to avoid damage is paramount to keeping your rope in working order. Please find here some simple maintenance tips.

Rope Constructions

A simple diagram explaining the constructions of the ropes with the advantages of one construction over another to help you choose the correct one for you.