Dyneema® is a High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibre that is known to be the worlds strongest and lightest fibre but still 15 times stronger than steel. Dyneema rope is a versatile material that can be utilised for industrial winching products in offshore and onshore environments.

Manufactured from HMPE fibre the Dyneema®  brand is the original high strength, low stretch fibre for extreme load applications. The Island Ropes range of Dyneema® ropes undergo a process of pre-stretching, heat setting and coating to produce a hard wearing, long lasting winch rope to cope with the most demanding environments and conditions. HMPE & Dyneema® winch ropes weigh six to seven times less than steel wire of the same diameter but have comparable break loads. Dyneema® ropes can be supplied on reels, cut to length or spliced with thimbles and hooks. With the ability to match to a clients specification if required.

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12-Strand Dyneema

Need a more cost competitive solution?

Find out why HMPE offers a more affordable option. In recent years ‘own-brand’ HMPE fibre has been closing the gap in terms of performance with Dyneema giving the potential for significant cost savings.

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